Welcome Winter

Icy air and winds that blow the cold to us from arctic snows
remind me that it’s winter, though I need only look outside at drifted, whitened countryside and icicles dressing barn and shed;
summer’s blooms are surely dead.

And yet winter brings rare beauty too; when else are the skies as blue?
When else does birdsong ring so clear as now, when winter’s truly here?
Listen: hear the drip of melting ice, the quiet scurry of hidden mice,
the trees whispering in snowy guise.

Taste a snowflake on your tongue, trace ice crystals on windows, newly spun,
touch stars engraved in frozen night. Light the Solstice fire and burn it bright,
hear angels singing up on high,
remember all the days gone by.

Welcome winter; welcome rest; for Spring
will come, as it must
and this season, dark and cold
becomes a memory, edged in gold.


About grannysu

storyteller, writer, poet, gardener, countrywoman
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4 Responses to Welcome Winter

  1. first50 says:

    I love that you’ve started a blog just for your wonderful poetry. I enjoy your poetry so much, this will be a special treat for me and every other reader.

  2. Julie Estes says:

    One of your best yet, Sis! I love it!

  3. mamabug says:

    Wow Sue, this is wonderful. I hope you keep it going. Looking forward to reading more.

  4. Theresa Miles says:

    Only you could make winter sound enticing Susie, it is not my favorite time of year. Your poem makes me think perhaps an attitude change is in store.

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