I turned onto the interstate

and passed him by the side

his thumb was out, his eyes looking,

looking for a ride.

But I could not slow my hurried path

and his looks, well, he scared me

so I turned my head and pushed the gas

and left him there behind me

In my mirror I watched him shrink

smaller, smaller, smaller still

until he was just a shade,

a silhouette against the hill.

His clothes were torn and dirty,

red beard and wild hair hid his face,

I saw that he was missing teeth–

but his eyes, they haunt my days.

For there was I, in warmth and comfort

and he stood in the snow

I would rest in my own home

and him? I do not know.


About grannysu

storyteller, writer, poet, gardener, countrywoman
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4 Responses to Hitchhiker

  1. Elizabeth K says:

    Poignant. You conveyed your feelings so that I felt what you were feeling.
    But, if based on a true event, you did the right thing. Such is the way of the world today.

  2. margarethall says:

    So very well detailed and I felt the feelings of passing him by, but then feeling the wonderment of his well-being..Very nicely done…Thank you for sharing…

  3. Such a beautiful poem. I also could see him standing there, would have done the same thing. I love your blog. I am new to this blog but am a follower of the other one. Have a great day, Susie

  4. grannysu says:

    It was a true event, Elizabeth. I can still see him standing there. His eyes held no hope when he looked at me.

    Susie, I am glad you stoped by.

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