Van Gogh Moon

crazed concentric circles / convoluted and warped

light bent by waves / washed by the oceans of time

rounding her curves / mellowing her color

blushed brushed gold

stared until she blurred spread / ripened

his moon/ his sky

Through his eyes/ my sky

in his night/ my world/ a Van Gogh moon

above the sky/ below the earth

My moon, his sky, my night, his world, my life, his grave, all one moon


About grannysu

storyteller, writer, poet, gardener, countrywoman
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3 Responses to Van Gogh Moon

  1. Sweepy Jean says:

    I love the sound and feel of this, the words swirling around each other. Beautiful.

  2. grannysu says:

    Jean, I like your description of the words swirling. Thank you for the image.

  3. Beautifully captures the tumbling motion of thoughts inspired by a moment!

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