A Rabbit Tale


shoots peek

from brown dirt


to small predators

with fur and twitchy tails

who attack at dusk unseen

by the protectors of tiny

lettuces, cabbages, leeks and kale

in their ordered rows so neatly labeled

the predators cannot read and care less

if this is carrots and that snow peas–

they feast on the succulent young

of early hopeful planting

glad for the new flavors

their tight bellies full

of tender tastes

tiny leaves

and soft


About grannysu

storyteller, writer, poet, gardener, countrywoman
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3 Responses to A Rabbit Tale

  1. Jason Riedy says:

    Utterly accurate and wonderfully written!

  2. Mamabug says:

    This was so much fun to read Susanna! You’ve got those pesky cottontails pegged to a T!!! Last year they ate all of my tender green beans til all that was left was a nubby stem.

  3. grannysu says:

    Thanks! After I wrote it I decided to center the text and was surprised to find it was sort of rabbit-shaped, if you were to straight down at a rabbit. Just needs a fluffy tail. This is an etheree, and this form, I believe has its own name. An etheree typically starts with 1 syllable then adds a syllable per line up to 10. In this poem I did that form then reversed in the other direction to count from 10 to 1. It was fun to write.

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