Seen and Unseen

There are those who believe in orbs,

the strange balls of light that show in photographs

and thought by believers to be the picture of a lost soul,

a wandering spirit or other being from beyond this world

or at least the world as we know it.


There are others of us

who need only stand outside a vacant house or barn

to know that in these places

remain the sense of what was, and who was there,

and what they left behind.


About grannysu

storyteller, writer, poet, gardener, countrywoman
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2 Responses to Seen and Unseen

  1. Hildred says:

    Very perceptive, but alas, I think the balls of light in my pictures are the result of poor photography…. a lovely and touching poem, especially the reference to those vacant places that retain the presence of those who were there before..

  2. aaahhh; who knows. There is more to this old world than I can ever explain.

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