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He thought she was beautiful; he admired her intelligence and wit and wanted to listen for hours to her voice.   Once He wanted nothing more than to be with her; to spend every day and hour by her side, … Continue reading

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We creep; ahead the pavement softens like ice in the sun; melting edges envelope in a cushion of fog as we hang on to the yellow line the lifeline that leads us through twisted mountain passes alongside streams gorged as … Continue reading

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Let me tell you a story of a day when across the globe in tiny villages and on city streets in cafes and clubs and schools and even in living rooms, auditoriums and theaters the stories are told,one by one, … Continue reading

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Ashes of the Past

She wrapped the plate(circa 1930, daffodils on square ivory china) in newsprint; a face, an old face (circa 1935, female in black and white) stared from the paper and disappeared as the clerk swathed the dish like newborn babe. I … Continue reading

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