Ode to a February Thaw

Late last night as I tried sleeping I thought I heard the sound of dripping
Dripping dripping dripping from my roof and eaves
Rain was falling, wind was blowing, snow was melting
Melting melting melting from my roof and eaves.

Listen, said I to my comfy spouse, do you hear that sound from out the house?
That dripping dripping dripping from our roof and eaves?
But he was snoring, sleeping, never listening
To the melting melting melting from our roof and eaves.

I raised the window, stuck my head out, listening to the drip, drip, drip
That melting, dripping, soggy melting from the roof and eaves.
In the yard the mud is showing, gushing, mushing
Turning brown the melting melting thawing as it leaves.

Goodbye! Goodbye! Farewell to ice, to snow of dreadful frozen height!
Soon I’ll be slogging, slogging, slogging down our paths all round the yard
The mud will be sucking, sucking, pulling, tracking
Coating our floors, our boots, our dogs and cars.

Then I will search the clouds and skies, hoping, praying I might espy
Some hopeful sign of falling, falling, falling, gentle whiteness from above
Some sifting, freezing moisture in the form of snow
It’s snow! I’ll cry. The mud is gone! What’s not to love?


About grannysu

storyteller, writer, poet, gardener, countrywoman
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