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Star Wars

Neither Medusa,nor Cassopeia , or stony Phineuscould defeat Perseus’ lovefor starry Andromeda Trying a Tanka today–and idea sparked by The One-Minute Writer blog.

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Will There Still Be Whippoorwills?

I want to write about the nights, and the whippoorwill’s cry and the owl’s hoot, I want to show in words vivid and violet-red as the setting sun what a country night can be and how the stars whirl overhead like … Continue reading

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Time in Passing

My friend the poet Sherrell Wigal posted a lune today. I had never heard of the form, so I am borrowing inspiration from her for today’s poem. In this form the lune should have 3 words, 5 words, 3 words. I … Continue reading

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Behold the Egg

Brown, ivory, blue, green or white, large, medium and small, double-yolkers, pullet eggs, the occasional surprising shell-less wonders to surprise the unwary hand gathering without looking, and miniature mistakes, curiosities laid at the end of an old girl’s fertility, It’s simple oval … Continue reading

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Ballad of Burnt House

They say her name was Delsie, a beauty rare and bright Her moves like graceful glisse’, Her skin as dark as night.   She was just a common slave, but oh! that girl could dance and sing! Watchers laughed and clapped and … Continue reading

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Planting Advice

Plant radishes in the dark of the moon, plant lettuce in the new; Sow your cabbage on the day of Saint Pat, plant beets when the signs are in the heart, and plant potatoes on Good Friday. Remember that a … Continue reading

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April’s Fool

April’s Fool Dance! Spin, whirl Twist, circle, Tumble groundward; Azure light above Green below; spongy earth– Roll, feel velvet moss and mud Taste violet’s purple fragrance Spin! Spin, whirl, twirl, spin again until daffodils blur into puddles of gold.

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