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Semper Fi

His eyes were as faded as his Marine Corps hat, white hair pushing from under the brim, his hands trembling on the chrome handle of the grocery cart. I don’t remember where I left my truck,  or if I even … Continue reading

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Universal Language: Otto’s Story

We were the only foreigners in the town. It was after the war; we got out of Europe and came here but we were different and couldn’t speak English or at least, not very well. So people looked at us and in … Continue reading

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The mailbox hangs rusting on the ironwood post cut with a bow saw and tamped into a hole dug by hand at the side of the gravel road. The name is almost legible, rust on rust and the flag is up … Continue reading

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Fickle Spring

Spring is a fickle friend who flirts behind her April fan, her sunny eyes full of promise and fragile warmth; beneath her flowing dress a white-frost petticoat trails icy lace around the edge of new-bloomed flowers. Do not trust her pretty … Continue reading

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Old Flames

Fire burns deep in the eyes of dogs far past memory

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Heart Broken

There is no sound, though it seems the very earth should scream and rattle with the pain, the heavens pour rivers of tears, the winds howl with the stricken sorrow of it, and even the birds to sing tragic dirges. But there is no … Continue reading

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The Gift

I rise before the sun, no phoenix only this ordinary woman in bathrobe and slippers greeting the day with teacup in hand. Green wreaths the woodland, sprinkled with drops of violets, redbud and shy bluet. The air is fresh-washed from yesterday’s rain, scented … Continue reading

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