Kitchen Table

kitchen 004The legs wobble and the top is stained

From too many years in someone’s kitchen

And being the place for slow conversations,

Morning coffee,

elbow-to-elbow meals when company came,

For rolling out pie crust and kneading bread,

Cutting out dress patterns and chopping tomatoes

To stuff into jars for the cellar.

It was the place to open mail and pay the bills,

Write the weekly grocery list and the annual seed order,

Address Christmas cards and graduation announcements,

To write letters and obituaries, wrap gifts,

Put fresh-cut flowers in clean white vases.

Perhaps it sometimes served as a changing table

For visiting babies in need of new nappies

And a place for toddlers to perch

While they chatted with granny who was busy at the stove.

It was where an elderly couple sat

When all their work was done, their children grown

And cooking was not as complicated as it once was.

Then it was forgotten, pushed into a basement

When the old ones passed on and eventually

Into a thrift shop where I found it, took it home

Tightened its loose joints, cleaned its top and

Poured my morning coffee.

About grannysu

storyteller, writer, poet, gardener, countrywoman
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3 Responses to Kitchen Table

  1. Wilma Acree says:

    Wonderful poem!

    • grannysu says:

      Thanks so much, Wilma! As I re-read it, I see edits I need to make. The point of this month of writing is to just do it; the tweaking can come later. I appreciate your encouragement.

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