Penny Pincher

There was a dime on the floor
Of the downtown coffeehouse.
I stared at its shiny face
As the cappuchino machine whirred
Behind the counter.

I bent over, picked up the dime–
People were watching me,
I could feel their eyes on my back.
I didn’t look around as I dropped the dime
into the Tips jar.

There was a penny on the floor too,
Under the edge of the counter,
Heads up, that means good luck.
I left it there, passing the luck on
To the stranger who dared to pick it up.

The next day another dime
Shone up at me from the coffeehouse floor.
I bent to pick it up and saw
The penny, still under the edge of the counter;
I picked up the dime,
Put it in my pocket,
Then reached for the penny
And put that in my pocket too.
The good luck was meant for me, I think.


About grannysu

storyteller, writer, poet, gardener, countrywoman
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