Winter Morning

iciclesSilver spears dangle
Sun-tipped points glint fiery sparks
Tipped with morning gold

About grannysu

storyteller, writer, poet, gardener, countrywoman
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2 Responses to Winter Morning

  1. Maureen Wall says:

    What a beautiful poem. I am from England, an avid poet like yourself and hoping to blog furiously when I retire shortly. Your poetry has such depth and feeling. The kind I like to write myself. I love the simplicity of your blogging, and the fact that you are ‘real’ I have lived in a Northern industrial pit town in England where I learned how to appreciate the darkness and light of living a less privileged life. I like to explore life in exactly the same way that you do. I hope to read more of your blogs.

    • grannysu says:

      Thank you, Maureen. I hope you will let me know where to find your writings, as I would be very interested in reading them. I would especially like to hear about your life in the coal town, as that is similar to my husband’s childhood experience. His mother’s last name by the way, was Walls.

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