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Graying heads still nurture dreams, Fading eyes still cast a hopeful gleam, old voices still can sing like angels’ brushing wings, even when forgotten, and unseen.                

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bubbly cool frosted glass, sensory celebration: champagne sparkles in your eyes.

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Spring Moon

New moon, tender crescent luminescent, gilds crimson crabapple, iridescent iris; quicksilvered oaks whisper in night breezes while wood thrush trills her praise.

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Walk to the River

It is time to walk to the river to welcome the past images small noticed and told in simple words clear thoughts savored remembered

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Laundry Lessons

Hanging laundry out to dry requires more thought and care than simply moving from one white machine to the other as the electric meter whirls. Hanging the wash requires coordination with the one who burns the trash because  line-dried clothes are supposed to … Continue reading

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Sunday Dinner Plans

Red-tail cruises low; his shadow crosses the chicken yard like a black blessing. Hens scurry for cover, clucking to tell him, “No Sunday chicken dinner for you!” Unconcerned, the hawk soars higher. Rabbit will do.

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  Biscuits, brown-crisp on top, butter-tender inside, steam on a blue-flowered plate. Home comfort.   Cinquain form  

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