Things We Left Behind

A spark plug coated with dirt and rust,

two plastic water bottles, squashed flat,

a pipe fitting, a piece of log chain

and one wheel off a toy truck.

Bits of wire, both thick and thin,

and a handle for a gate,

bent nails, the file we used

for the horses’ hooves,

the bail of a bucket, maybe it was

the bucket we used when we milked Dolly,

or was it Honey, sweet Jerseys both.

A scrap of chicken wire, pliers that look

like they came from an ancient archeological dig,

and shiny scraps of glass that glint

like tiny mirrors to when this garden spot

was the home of tractor, mower, tools

until one day the wind just pushed it

ever so gently into a pile of gray boards,

brown rusty tin and things

we left behind.

About grannysu

storyteller, writer, poet, gardener, countrywoman
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