The Game

Sun, a hoop, and a ball

combined with a concrete drive

and it is all they need,

the two brothers, for a game.

The older, taller by a foot, dribbles and shoots

with ease, his superiority to his little brother evident

in his confident moves, the smile on his face,

the speed with which he rebounds and shoots again.

The younger boy’s tense body tells

of long experience and quiet rebellion

as he shoves and pushes and grapples

yet can’t get his hands on the ball.

It will be the story of their lives:

the older will always move with ease and assurance

that his is the right to more and better.

The smaller boy will struggle and work and push

for notice, acclaim, stature and status.

Which will be the first to reach his goals?

My money’s on the one who just tripped his brother,

grabbed the ball and with a burst of speed and strength

leapt up and up and up, landing a perfect

three point shot.


About grannysu

storyteller, writer, poet, gardener, countrywoman
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