If You Have Trees


“You don’t want trees,” the appraiser said,

“You need to cut them down

To increase the value of your home.

Because if you have trees

You will will have leaves

That will fall and clog your gutters, litter your lawn

And blanket your garden.

You will need to climb ladders,

To rake and bag and and haul off

Leaves by the thousands.

You will worry when the wind is strong

And the trees bend and sometimes break

And their twigs and branches will fall

And need to be picked up

So you can mow your perfect green lawn.

You will have birds dropping their waste,

Streaking your windshields and decks.

You will have pollen in the spring

That coats your car and deck with fuzzy green

And makes you sneeze

And sneeze

and sneeze.”


He is right, of course.

If you have trees you will have leaves,

Soft green in spring deepening and ripening

To emerald in summer, gold and ruby in fall.

You will have blossoms that perfume the air

and bear forth good fruit.


You will have shade for summer picnics,

Kindling for your fire,

Mulch for your gardens.

You will watch your trees sway and dance in the wind,

As graceful as any dancer, as sturdy as any man-built thing.

You will have pen-and-ink lines

Drawn stark and graceful

Against cold winter skies,

Sometimes outlined in snowy white

Or icy, icy crystal.

Christmas Day 08 005

You will have birds,

Cardinals and robins and chickadees,

Bluejays and wrens and sparrows

And you will watch the birds court, build their nests,

And raise their young to fly, fly, fly

If you have trees.

Allegheny Echoes 2014 197


About grannysu

storyteller, writer, poet, gardener, countrywoman
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2 Responses to If You Have Trees

  1. Libby says:

    Lovely poem. So true. 🙂

  2. jpinok3 says:

    Wonderful! I LOVE trees and missed them and the moutains so much when I moved from WV. Florida and Georgia weren’t so bad, but Oklahoma was nearly devoid of them when I arrived, or so it seemed. We’ve planted LOTS of trees in our yard (too many probably), but we enjoy them very much. And yes, they are troublesome at times, but the beauty, clean fresh air, and the shade they provide makes it worth it. Thanks for sharing your beautiful poem.

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