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3 a.m. The rain has stopped but the quiet drip drip tells me all I need to know of how the new plants–the strawberries, cabbages and flowers have been gently soaked into new-turned earth safe beneath surrounding rotting hay mulch. … Continue reading

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April 1

Quivering rabbit nibbles clover, silver-dewed in April moonlight

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June Garden

Sweat trickles, drops in salty beads from nose and chin. Ahead the straight green rows stretch, beckoning my hoe to do its worst, Or perhaps its best. The perspective depends—weed? Or corn, bean, tomato? Hot noon spills across the June landscape. … Continue reading

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The Garden War

It is  war, undeclared war,  in my garden. My weapon is not a gun or sword but my hands and clippers, pulling and cutting loose the spent summer stems. As I work I note which battles I won this year, and where the … Continue reading

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Weeding the Herb Garden

Fragrance of sage and savory, tartness of lemon balm on my tongue, the busy buzz of honeybees seeking water from the dripping faucet and nectar from the blooming basil; soft southernwood tickles my hand as I work, pulling sourweed and … Continue reading

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When the birds start singing and the coffee is brewing when the sun is just a hint in the sky the garden shades from gray to green bergamot lemon balm and rose scent the air In slippers and gown Wet … Continue reading

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