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Laundry Lessons

Hanging laundry out to dry requires more thought and care than simply moving from one white machine to the other as the electric meter whirls. Hanging the wash requires coordination with the one who burns the trash because  line-dried clothes are supposed to … Continue reading

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3 a.m. The rain has stopped but the quiet drip drip tells me all I need to know of how the new plants–the strawberries, cabbages and flowers have been gently soaked into new-turned earth safe beneath surrounding rotting hay mulch. … Continue reading

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“I need to know about baby chickens. And mollymoochers.” Blonde hair pulled tight into a ponytail, blue eyes bright with questions, she is eighteen, a soldier already and yet here she is on my porch with her friend, both rocking gently as … Continue reading

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June Garden

Sweat trickles, drops in salty beads from nose and chin. Ahead the straight green rows stretch, beckoning my hoe to do its worst, Or perhaps its best. The perspective depends—weed? Or corn, bean, tomato? Hot noon spills across the June landscape. … Continue reading

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Behold the Egg

Brown, ivory, blue, green or white, large, medium and small, double-yolkers, pullet eggs, the occasional surprising shell-less wonders to surprise the unwary hand gathering without looking, and miniature mistakes, curiosities laid at the end of an old girl’s fertility, It’s simple oval … Continue reading

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The Reading Corner

The lamps, just here, to spread their light to the chair below; and the footstool, within the foot’s reach, at just the right height; the little shelf, close enough to easily place a glass of wine, hot tea or coffee; … Continue reading

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We creep; ahead the pavement softens like ice in the sun; melting edges envelope in a cushion of fog as we hang on to the yellow line the lifeline that leads us through twisted mountain passes alongside streams gorged as … Continue reading

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