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Ten fingers, ten toes, but only one nose. Two ears, two eyes, but only one mouth. Two arms, Two legs, but only one heart. Ten fingers to touch you, Ten toes to tickle you, Two ears to hear you, Two … Continue reading

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Big Star

He was on the stage, lights shining on his golden hair, spangled shirt shooting stars into adoring eyes; jeans tight, boots polished, voice as smooth as ancient silk, sliding and caressing every word, fingers stroking sweet notes out of his … Continue reading

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The Golden Chain

“Sleep is that golden chain that ties health and our bodies together.” Thomas Dekker Sleep comes slow in deep waves singing soft notes in, out, in, out, dream tides ebb and flow, the moon pulling secret places, stories weave, their warp and woof … Continue reading

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The Game

Sun, a hoop, and a ball combined with a concrete drive and it is all they need, the two brothers, for a game. The older, taller by a foot, dribbles and shoots with ease, his superiority to his little brother … Continue reading

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Apple blossoms’ pink petals swirl from broken branch. Perfume my Easter kitchen.

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3 a.m. The rain has stopped but the quiet drip drip tells me all I need to know of how the new plants–the strawberries, cabbages and flowers have been gently soaked into new-turned earth safe beneath surrounding rotting hay mulch. … Continue reading

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The Critic

Turquoise paint and bright purple splatters on wood chairs; woodpecker screams his disgust.

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