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The Game

Sun, a hoop, and a ball combined with a concrete drive and it is all they need, the two brothers, for a game. The older, taller by a foot, dribbles and shoots with ease, his superiority to his little brother … Continue reading

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Apple blossoms’ pink petals swirl from broken branch. Perfume my Easter kitchen.

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3 a.m. The rain has stopped but the quiet drip drip tells me all I need to know of how the new plants–the strawberries, cabbages and flowers have been gently soaked into new-turned earth safe beneath surrounding rotting hay mulch. … Continue reading

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The Critic

Turquoise paint and bright purple splatters on wood chairs; woodpecker screams his disgust.

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crackling smoky trails tipped orange-gold twist upward, rosy spirals of vermillion, ruby, wine, crimson, violet shading to amethyst, blue as black logs smoulder on stone, my hands are grateful.   Etheree form, one of my favorites. Syllable count of one (I started … Continue reading

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Love of the Land

Scythe in hand, overalls loose over his thin frame, he worked in a steady, smooth rhythm, swing  swish swing swish, weeds and filth falling into neat shining rows beneath his blade. In his pocket a stone for sharpening,  worn thin … Continue reading

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Pile it Up, Watch it Burn

It was the way of the old ones to clear away the dregs of the past pile it all up in a heaping pyre on top of regrets and sorrows, sadness and fear. All the old clothes, furniture, clay pots … Continue reading

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