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Apple blossoms’ pink petals swirl from broken branch. Perfume my Easter kitchen. Advertisements

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3 a.m. The rain has stopped but the quiet drip drip tells me all I need to know of how the new plants–the strawberries, cabbages and flowers have been gently soaked into new-turned earth safe beneath surrounding rotting hay mulch. … Continue reading

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Fickle Spring

Spring is a fickle friend who flirts behind her April fan, her sunny eyes full of promise and fragile warmth; beneath her flowing dress a white-frost petticoat trails icy lace around the edge of new-bloomed flowers. Do not trust her pretty … Continue reading

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“I need to know about baby chickens. And mollymoochers.” Blonde hair pulled tight into a ponytail, blue eyes bright with questions, she is eighteen, a soldier already and yet here she is on my porch with her friend, both rocking gently as … Continue reading

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Recipe for Spring

Mix 2 parts cut grass, 3 parts daffodils, 6 fresh eggs, a handful of asparagus. Season with a pinch of forsythia, wild mustard and violets. add fresh-turned garden dirt. Mix thoroughly, add soft rain showers as needed and bake in … Continue reading

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The Quiet

waves whisper /                                            in / out / in /out /                     … Continue reading

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June Garden

Sweat trickles, drops in salty beads from nose and chin. Ahead the straight green rows stretch, beckoning my hoe to do its worst, Or perhaps its best. The perspective depends—weed? Or corn, bean, tomato? Hot noon spills across the June landscape. … Continue reading

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