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Big Star

He was on the stage, lights shining on his golden hair, spangled shirt shooting stars into adoring eyes; jeans tight, boots polished, voice as smooth as ancient silk, sliding and caressing every word, fingers stroking sweet notes out of his … Continue reading

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The Game

Sun, a hoop, and a ball combined with a concrete drive and it is all they need, the two brothers, for a game. The older, taller by a foot, dribbles and shoots with ease, his superiority to his little brother … Continue reading

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Love of the Land

Scythe in hand, overalls loose over his thin frame, he worked in a steady, smooth rhythm, swing  swish swing swish, weeds and filth falling into neat shining rows beneath his blade. In his pocket a stone for sharpening,  worn thin … Continue reading

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Word to the Wise

You got to watch yerself out here. People talk ’bout gators but I don’t worry none about them. Them suckers are big, make noise and you know when they’re around. But snakes, they’re quiet, slidin’ along and hit you when you … Continue reading

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He watched from under his hat brim all the long-legged, bronzed girls with swinging hair. Men took him to Hooters and laughed when  the waitress brushed his shoulder with her breast and his face flamed like a summer sunset. When he was … Continue reading

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In Search of Us

I keep looking for the you that was, The you I knew when you were young And strong and the world Was only there for you to conquer.   I keep trying to find the me that loved The you … Continue reading

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The first color of spring: of coltsfoot, dandelions, daffodils, forsythia, of the sun as it rises, and the moon at the full. The color of comfort: of cornbread, gas logs, sweet wine, of golden apples and giant sunflowers. The color of … Continue reading

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