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Take Off the Gloves and Live

Gloves are not meant for garden work. How can you feel the plants, the dirt, the wetness of the soil with glove-protected hands? Your hands must be stained, laced with tiny cuts from briars, black with good garden dirt. You need … Continue reading

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Recipe for Spring

Mix 2 parts cut grass, 3 parts daffodils, 6 fresh eggs, a handful of asparagus. Season with a pinch of forsythia, wild mustard and violets. add fresh-turned garden dirt. Mix thoroughly, add soft rain showers as needed and bake in … Continue reading

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The Garden War

It is  war, undeclared war,  in my garden. My weapon is not a gun or sword but my hands and clippers, pulling and cutting loose the spent summer stems. As I work I note which battles I won this year, and where the … Continue reading

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